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Applicants / New Licenses

Application Process

Only complete applications will be considered for licensure with the Arkansas Psychology Board.

Credential reviews will only be done at regularly scheduled Board meetings. If your file does not pass credential review and you would like it reviewed again, it must wait until the next Board meeting; it will NOT be reviewed outside of Board meetings.

Applications for credential reviews must be complete and ready for review by the 1st of the month to be considered at the Board meeting.

Please plan accordingly!

Application - Core Areas of Study

Applicants must have Graduate level course work consisting of three (3) semester hours (5 quarter hours) with a grade of a “B” or above in seven (7) of the areas listed below. If courses taught outside of a department of psychology are used to satisfy this requirement, then the courses must have been taught by a qualified Psychologist as defined in Section 2.2.A of the Rules and Regulations.

From the Arkansas Psychology Board Rules and Regulations:

2.2.A. Qualified Psychologist. Is not a legal tile, but an individual holding a doctorate who meets at least one of the following criteria:

2.2.A.(1) Is a licensed Psychologist

2.2.A.(2) Is an instructor of statistics/research design in a graduate department of psychology and holds a joint appointment in another department.

2.2.A.(3) Possesses a documented doctoral degree in psychology.

Core Areas Include:

  • Behavior Deviation
  • Behavior Theory or Techniques of Behavior Modification
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy Theory and Techniques
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Ethics and Professional Issues
  • Individual Personality Appraisal
  • Individual Testing
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Learning
  • Personality Theories
  • Physiological Psychology or Sensation and/or Perception
  • Research Design
  • Social Psychology
  • Statistics

Fees Associated with Licensure

NOTE: all fees are subject to change and shall never be retroactive

Application: $200.00
Background Check: $25.00 State
$16.25 FBI
EPPP Exam: $600 Professional Exam Service (PES)—each time
$50 Administrative Fee Paid to the Board—each time
Provisional License: $100 Per Six-Months
Provisional License Late Fee: $50
Registration Fee: $200 Plus a Pro-rated license fee for all individuals
Oral Re-examination Fee: $100

Application Procedure

The application fee is $200: In order to receive an application for licensure as an Applicant Examiner-Provisional License or an Applicant Psychologist-Provisional License, you must complete and submit the application request form with the appropriate fees. You may submit an initial deposit of $50 with your request. However, if you are paying the initial deposit of $50, then the remaining $150 must be paid when you submit your application to the Board office for consideration.

Please keep a copy of EVERYTHING you send to the Board office. Please keep all of your course syllabi and ALL correspondence from the Board.

Transcripts MUST be sent to the Board office directly from the registrar's office.

Credential Review

Credential Reviews will ONLY be processed during the regularly scheduled Board meeting. When the applicant's file passes credential review, the applicant will be granted Applicant Examiner—Provisional License or Applicant Psychologist—Provisional License status. If applicable, the applicant may be granted admission to the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), Post Doctoral status, and/or admission to the next scheduled Oral Examination.

Practice of Psychology as an Applicant

  1. The applicant receives written authorization from the Board to practice psychology as an applicant.
  2. A Board approved supervisor agrees to supervise the applicant.
  3. The Supervision Agreement for Provisional Licensees is on file with the Board.
  4. A provisional license fee, currently $100.00 for 6 months, is received.

Please note that any other practice of psychology during the application process is in violation of A.C.A § 17-97-101 et seq. The only exception to this is that students may engage in psychological practice in conjunction with the specific requirements of formal coursework.

National Written Exam

Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP)
More information is available at www.asppb.org.

Professional Exam Service (PES) now accepts credit card payments. The application form has been updated to include your payment information. PES charges $450 for the examination.

You can also pay the $50 Board processing fee by credit card. The Board office number is 501-682-6167.

The applicant must pass credential review to be eligible to take the EPPP. The examination is computer delivered and is available at any authorized Prometric Testing Center. These sites are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. six days a week. Exam centers can schedule evening hours during periods of peak demand. Scores will be reported to the Board office directly from Professional Exam Service (PES) on the first Wednesday of each month. If the candidate does not pass the exam, he/she must wait for a period of 60 days before taking exam again.

Passing Scores on the Written Exam:

Psychologist: Scaled Score >= 500
Psychological Examiner: Scaled Score >= 450

Oral Examination Dates

The Oral Examination is given four (4) times a year during the following months: View Upcoming Board Meeting Dates


If a problem arises with your application you may petition the Board in writing 10 days before the next Board meeting.

Programs of study must meet the criteria listed in Sections 5.4.A. and 5.4.B of the Board's Rules and Regulations. Please refer to the this section to determine if your program meets Board requirements.

The Arkansas Psychology Board does not pre-approve educational programs, whether they are approved by the American Psychological Association (APA), traditional or non-traditional. All applications are evaluated and passed/failed based on individual merits.


Application Request Form

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