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Qualifications of Supervisors

A supervising Psychologist shall meet all of the requirements of Chapter 97, Subchapter 4 and § 7.7 of the Arkansas Psychology Board Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Licensed to practice psychology in Arkansas
  • Aware of and abide by the ethical principles and state statutes pertaining to the practice of psychology in general and to supervision in particular
  • Approved by the Arkansas Psychology Board to practice neuropsychology (independently)
    • A supervising psychologist shall have:
    • At least three (3) years of post-licensure experience
    • Had training or experience, or both, in supervision
    • A supervising psychologist is ethically and legally responsible for all of the professional activities of the technician
  • A supervising psychologist shall have adequate training, knowledge, and skill to render competently any neuropsychological service which the employed technician undertakes.

Registration Procedure

A request form must be submitted by each supervising Psychologist for any technician they would like to register.

Please complete the registration form and mail the original to the Board. Only originals will be accepted. Please copy everything you send to the office and keep your own file. During the application period you may call the office to check on the status of the application.

Transcripts must be sent to our office directly from the registrar's office.

You will also want to keep all of your course syllabi and the correspondence from the Board in your file.

If a problem arises you may petition the Board in writing 10 days before the next Board meeting.

Credential Review

Credential Review is held at each regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Board meets once each month, typically on the 3rd Friday. All packet information must be received by the Wednesday before the meeting to be considered for credential review. Please review the Upcoming Events for Board Meeting dates.


When the applicant’s file is approved, the applicant will be registered as a technician. A confirmation letter will be will be mailed the week following the Board meeting to each supervising Psychologist with the technician's name, registration number, the effective date and the expiration date.

Technician Registration Renewal

Technician registration will expire on June 30 of each year. Renewal is held from May 1 – June 30. A renewal notice and supervision report form will be mailed to each supervising Psychologist. If the supervising Psychologist does not renew the technician’s registration by June 30, the registration will be considered inactive. The supervising Psychologist will be held responsible for any technicians practicing with an inactive registration.

Arkansas Psychology Board Rules & Regulations § 7.7 and Chapter 97, Subchapter 4 § 17-97-401 to 17-97-406


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